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If you take a look at the history of home cooking, you’ll learn that it’s a style which took advantage of the abundance of a beautiful land and its natural agricultural resources. I believe that home cooking, from scratch, is part of a people’s story: the wonder of creating, the pleasure of time spent in the honest pursuit of tradition and nourishment of our bodies and those of our family. Also, let’s be honest, eating food is a major source of joy in everyday life. I’m an advocate for nutritious, healthy eating, and have a passion for cooking and creating vibrant, flavourful dishes, using whole, down to earth ingredients. Join Cooking Green Goodness Magazine on a journey of good food, and recipes for your wellness.

The January 2019 issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine is titled ‘Fruitful Love, Cho-Cho, Perfect Imperfections.’ Fruitful Love (see Food In Poetry, page 17) is nature’s energy. Fruitful Love uplifts one’s condition. Fruitful Love speaks to actions we take to nourish ourselves and powerfully support our health. Know that you have far more power over your well-being and impact in life than you might give yourself credit for.

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine, Jan 2019 Issue

This issue is also a mini cookbook in one, and what makes this issue even more special, are the talented contributors from different parts of the globe: Canada; USA; Jamaica and France.

Hannah Sunderani, a plant-based food blogger, shares with us recipes to express love and gratitude for your special someone (see feature on page 27). Hannah’s passion for plant-based cooking comes from its benefits to health, humanity, and the environment. She is Canadian born, living in France. Her recipes are intended for everyone, vegan or not, to introduce more plant-based foods into your life. She shows just how delicious and satiating clean eating can be. Sabine Alphonsine is a food stylist, blogger, and photographer also contributing from France. Sabine’s recipe for Purple Potatoes Pies with Thai Basil and Coconut (see page 32) will win your heart!

Shanika Graham-White is all kinds of super sweet! Shanika is a lover of all things creative and simple with a heavy sprinkle of elegance and sparkle. Shanika, a self-taught cook, baker, and aspiring author, is the ‘creative eye’ behind the website Orchids and Sweet Tea. Shanika contributes a recipe for the most delicious Fluffy Vegan Pancakes (see page 22).

This magazine’s first ‘In Fitness’ segment is not be missed! Krysta Marie, Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutrition Coach shows us ‘How to Begin Healthy Habits (see page 8). Having survived breast, cervical cancer and the end of her marriage, Sara Mody lives on the bright side of life wide awake with gratitude (see page 26). Sara is a Wellness Advocate, Yoga   Instructor and Author of the book Wide Awake, now available for purchase on Amazon. Read Sara’s DIY article on page 5.

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